As an avid watcher of travel vloggers and reader of travel bloggers, it seems that nowadays, everyone is picking up their passport and travelling the world. 

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Why are More People Travelling the World?

In the world of social media, everyone on Facebook is checking into an airport somewhere. This got me thinking, why are more people travelling the world than ever before? 

I decided to think about why travel wasn’t as common decades ago, and how this has changed. It goes without saying that more people travelling the world and broadcasting it on social media is making me extremely jealous.

Hence the motivation to write this post.

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1. Super Cheap Flights

To this day, I’m amazed by how cheap flights have become. With budget airlines constantly advertising flights for as low as £9.99, it’s no wonder that more people are jetting abroad to travel the world! 

Of course there’s added costs, but with more money saved on flights, people are finding less excuses to invest in a trip of a lifetime.

Let’s hope it all stays this way. Between Brexit threatening life as we know it, and airlines beginning to introduce carry-on bag charges, we all have to pray that our super cheap flights remain, well… cheap!

Check out these tips which will help you save money on your travels!

2. The Economy

When I asked my grandparents about their travel experiences growing up, it seems they barely travelled at all. They definitely travel more now, anyway.

Growing up in a working-class family, my Nan told me that getting financial help was much more difficult than it is now. People couldn’t afford to travel the world.

But with holidays getting cheaper and cheaper it’s a lot easier.

Ultimately, the economy is slightly better off. People tend to have better savings and a bit of spare cash for their holiday.

The more money you have, the more you have to spend on new adventures. At least that’s how I believe money should be spent anyway.

3. Social Media

A couple of decades ago, social media didn’t exist. People only found out about the neighbours amazing holidays through word of mouth.

How we knew anyone’s business is beyond me. How would you know what people were having to eat? When did you find out that someone was back with that guy for the millionth time? My mind is baffled. 

Anyway, social media does exist now and we can all spy on each-other’s lives from the comfort of our own home.

Man taking photograph on iPhone of the Arc de Triumph in Paris, France.

That being said, we get a good glimpse into peoples’ lives. When they’re off travelling the world we’re the first to know. When they’re drinking their first holiday cocktail at the airport, we are ALL the first to know. 

There are disadvantages to this of course, but that’s another post in itself.

The point I’m trying to make, is that we all become slightly envious when we see the girls we went to school with sunning it up in Ibiza. Or we see our work colleague head off backpacking down under. 

Jealousy is completely normal. No wonder seeing people jet off everywhere makes us think that maybe we should also book something.

I remember seeing people on my Facebook news feed take part in the Camp America programme years ago. Low and behold, I was soon jetting off to work as a camp counsellor on a summer camp not long after.

4. YouTube

A huge influence on my burning desire to drop everything and hop on a plane, are travel vloggers.

Yes, this is just another social media. But there’s something extra tempting about watching a fellow traveller tell you all the reasons why you should be travelling the world. 

Also, travel vloggers don’t just sit there explaining why their lifestyle is just the greatest in the world. They give advice that teaches you HOW you can turn your travel dreams into a reality. 

For example, how you can save money for travel. Or which scam companies you should avoid when booking a trip.

5. FaceTime

Travelling abroad is not just about week-long holidays in the sun anymore. More people than ever are embarking on year-long backpacking trips. Or working abroad.

But why were such long trips not common in the past? Homesickness, that’s why. 

Friends on a group phone call.

Back in the good old the days, the only way to communicate was by telephone or pen and paper. Now with inventions like Facetime it can feel like you’re right at home even when you’re travelling the world.

At least when I’m away I can still see my dogs when I call home. 

I try to Facetime my Mum every day, and I swear I speak to her more now than I did when I lived with her.

Without the luxury of Facetime, the thought of spending so long without seeing your loved ones would deter many people from hopping on a plane.

Thank god for modern technology!

To Summarise

So, these are the thoughts that swim around in my head when I see so many people on adventures. Why is everyone on holiday but me?! I’m sure I’ll be on my next adventure soon enough. 

After all, good things come to those who wait.

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Earth to Connie

"Writing this bio is almost as hard as fitting my tweets into 140 characters. Well…I like to write on the internet. I write what comes to mind and not what fits into a niche. Aiming to get lost traveling the world."

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"Writing this bio is almost as hard as fitting my tweets into 140 characters. Well…I like to write on the internet. I write what comes to mind and not what fits into a niche. Aiming to get lost traveling the world."


  1. So many great truths here! Travel is booming and for all the best reasons! It is my hands down my favorite thing to do and a huge passion for myself and many people.
    I follow this site for it’s value, readability,sincerity and the fabulous photo tips!
    This site has amazing photos! And it’s a skill I could improve on!

    • POTP Admin

      Yes travel is booming and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon! It is a nice article, all the credit goes to Connie from Earth to Connie. If you’d like daily tips and tricks on improving your photography follow our instagram @_peopleoftheplanet_