About us

People of the Planet was started by British couple Christian & Sam in 2018. 

Hello & welcome! People of the Planet is something Sam & I decided to start together as it combines all of the things that we love doing (exploring new places, adventure, photography & writing).

Before starting People of the Planet, we were finding ourselves repeatedly getting caught up in chasing careers, balancing finances & dealing with general life drama. While all of this is of course necessary, we felt like we were starting to lose sight of what’s important, and forgetting to actually spend time doing what we love.

We’ve found that having a blog helps us to keep pushing ourselves, helps us to see more of the world and ultimately helps us to do more of the things we love.

We started People of the Planet as a passion project back in 2018, and since then (even with a COVID break 🥲) we’ve managed to experience quite a lot of this wonderful, crazy planet that we share. 

A couple of highlights have been reaching the highest road in the world & trekking through the Indian desert.

Couple sat on sand dune watching sunset
Sam & Christian in Jaisalmer Desert.
Photo from New Zealand guest post by Bronwyn Townsend.

We’ve also had a number of guest posts from the amazing travel, adventure & photography writers community on places all over the world, from New Zealand to Slovenia and everywhere in between!

We love that People of the Planet has started to gather a community of its own, and we welcome you to join us! If you would like to submit a guest post, please get in touch here.

On People of the planet you’ll find (hopefully!) useful, real content related to all things adventure, travel & photography.

While Sam & I love to share our own experiences and have them to look back on, we also are keen to provide value to others and so we always try to keep that as the focus of our content. So, you’ll find adventure guides, travel hacks and more on People of the Planet.

Sam and I are also both full time digital marketing professionals based in London, I run a digital marketing business & Sam works in the city.  We’ve found our experience really useful for running People of the Planet, and so we also have some content for aspiring bloggers that we hope helps you in your journey.

Running this blog is something we both love doing, so if you’re thinking of doing something similar & have some questions on web design, SEO or social media, please get in touch and we’d love to help you out.

Otherwise, please enjoy our website and feel free to reach out or follow us on our social medias! After all, we’re all ‘people of the planet’…