Twitter is without a doubt one of the most important social media platforms. Having a solid twitter following puts you on the right track to creating a successful blog and business, and these twitter growth hacks will help you to build your followers.

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Twitter Growth Hacks to Avoid

But first, let’s start with the main AVOID points.

You may have read that the best way to increase twitter followers is the follow/unfollow strategy. Although this is true to some extent, I really don’t recommend focussing purely on this method.

Why’s that?

Okay, it may be a really easy way to grow followers in the short term, but it’s just not sustainable.

Bloggers support each other. And the best way to get other bloggers onto your followers list, is to TALK to them! By simply following them and not making an effort with them ever again, you’ll slide right under their radar. 

Plus, think about it. It’s likely that the people that do follow you in return will be using the exact same strategy. You can’t build followers if everyone on your follow list is likely to unfollow YOU, can you?

Growing Twitter Organically


This is 100% the most important and effective twitter growth hack! 

Bloggers support other bloggers. So make some blogger friends! Find some blogs that interest you, and subscribe to them. If you make the effort to read other people’s articles and leave comments on them then they will reciprocate.

It’s all about building a relationship with as many people as possible.

Twitter doesn’t work like Instagram and Facebook, it runs on people making friends and reciprocating blog love. If you put the effort into helping others, then they will help you too.


Twitter is a fantastic place to promote your articles so go crazy! And I don’t just mean once, I mean CONTINUOUSLY share and re-share your content. 

Learn which tweets you get the most engagement from, or the ones that perform the best on your blog, then re-share those.

There’s so many bloggers on Twitter who love to get article inspiration and share other users’ content to keep their accounts fresh and updated.

This is another reason for you to share bloggers content from your niche as well. Not only are you keeping your own followers happy with new content. But you’ll likely get a follow from the blogger whose content you’ve shared too! Or at least you’ll be on their radar.

You can find out which tweets perform the best and the optimal times for posting tweets with our social media toolkit.


Think about it, using an image in your tweet gets you more space on the twitter feed when users are scrolling. So, they’re much more likely to notice you.

Tweets with images in them are over 90% more likely to be retweeted!

Plus, when people have had busy days and they’re tired, it’s so much easier for them to look at a nice picture than read some text. 

Then once you’ve got their attention in the first place, they’re more likely to click through to your account. And more likely to click on that ‘follow’ button.

Twitter images are 440x220px. So, try to create/size your image to this size so users don’t even have to click the image to see how valuable your tweet is.

Here’s an example of an image we created for one of our articles.

Twitter image example size.


Twitter chats are such an easy way to grow your twitter followers organically. 

For those of you that are unaware of what twitter chats are, I’ll explain.

Basically, twitter chats follow a basic question and answer format. Users host twitter chats related to different topics at the same time every week. They will ask a question and start the tweet with the question number, for example ‘Q1’. All users participating in the chats then reply to the question with corresponding answer number, ‘A1’. 

Picture of a question mark.

Not only will you get some great tips and inspiration from twitter chats, but you’ll also have LOTS of other bloggers to engage with and follow. If you chat with them they’ll most likely follow you back!

Here’s a list of some of the most popular travel twitter chats.


What’s to stop you from hosting your own? 

If you have a solid amount of regular readers on your twitter then this is a great twitter growth hack.

Every time someone uses your specific hashtag, or the twitter chat reaches someone’s feed, YOUR name will appear.

Think of the sheer amount of people your profile could reach if you had a big twitter chat on the go?!


Twitter lists are a really easy way to put all of your favourite bloggers in one place. Scrolling through your feed, looking for certain people can be so time consuming. Twitter lists will make growing your twitter followers a lot easier, and more manageable.

Not only can you create your own lists, but you can also save yourself some work and search other people’s lists!

To find other people’s twitter lists, copy and paste this text inurl:lists <your search term> into google. Then you can see all of the lists that other people have made public. 

Just work your way through and follow/engage with the ones you want!


People may be more likely to share your tweets if you tell them what you want them to do. ‘Please RT’, ‘Like this if…’, ‘Follow me for…’ etc. 

The more engagement you get, the more follows.


Most of the time, people will browse your profile to see if it’s worth following you.

If I’m scrolling through your feed and you’ve shared some articles that don’t really interest me and I can see they haven’t interested many other eithers if you have little engagement on then, I’m probably not going to follow you.

But, if I see a really cool article with loads of likes, retweets and comments then I may be more interested.

So, pin your most engaged tweets to the top of your feed! This could be a deal breaking twitter growth hack for you.

Drawing of a growth chart going up


If you’re really serious about your blog and growing your twitter followers, you need to think about using analytics.

Analytics probably won’t even be turned on, but you can turn twitter analytics on easily.

Then you can track which of your tweets perform the best and keep tweeting more like those!

Aside from Twitter though, there are plenty of other things you need to do to grow your blog!

If you can think of any other twitter growth hacks that I’ve missed out then please let me know, and if this has been a useful article then please leave us a comment or give it a share.

One of the founders of People of the Planet. Psychology graduate, digital marketer, and lover of travel and exploring new places!

Author Samantha Walker

One of the founders of People of the Planet. Psychology graduate, digital marketer, and lover of travel and exploring new places!

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