If you haven’t tested the Tailwind Pinterest scheduler out yet, then you’re massively missing out. Do yourself a favour and give these 6 Tailwind features a go during your free trial and you’ll see why.

Pinterest will massively boost your blog traffic, and Tailwind will save you tonnes of time by automating your Pinterest scheduling. 

The Tailwind Features That Will Save You the Most Time

There are a few Tailwind features that you really need to get your head around. In this article I’ll highlight my 6 favourite features that help me speed up the scheduling process every week.

Let’s explore them!

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1. Board Lists

Board lists are by far the most time-saving feature within Tailwind.

The feature can be found under ‘Publisher’ in the tool bar, and basically allows you to group all of your similar related Pinterest boards and group boards together. 

This way, you can pin to a few boards at once rather than just pinning to one. 

For example, we might come across a 3-day itinerary for Paris that we want to schedule. Rather than just pinning it straight to our ‘European Travel Itineraries’ board, we would pin it to our ‘Travel Itineraries’ board list. 

In our case, the pin will be scheduled to all of the travel related boards and will take up five slots in the smart scheduler rather than one.

Saving me hours of time overall.

screenshot of 3 board lists labelled Photography, Blog advice, and travel itineraries in the Tailwind Pinterest scheduler

Avoid Looking Spammy

A down-side to this feature however, is that pinning the same pin to multiple boards at once looks spammy. This is a massive no no for Pinterest and will actually negatively impact your account. 

Don’t worry though, there’s ways around this.

One option is to re-shuffle your smart schedule queue. After you’ve scheduled lots of different pins, the shuffle will pull them all apart and schedule them at different times as opposed to all at the same time.

Another option is Tailwind’s Interval scheduling, which brings me onto our second time-saving feature.

2. Interval Scheduling

The interval scheduling tool isn’t particularly a time-saving feature in itself, but it certainly helps when using the board lists feature.

To prevent the same pin being published to different boards at the same time, you can place a minimum time interval in between the pins.

The interval is completely customisable so you can have as much or as little time in between the pins as you want. Obviously, the more time the better though.

I try to leave at least a day between publishing the same pin. 

How to Use Interval Scheduling

You can change the interval schedule when you schedule pins from anywhere. 

Within Tailwind Tribes you’ll find a ‘Set Interval’ button next to the scheduling button when you attempt to schedule to more than board. 

You’ll find the same button when scheduling pins through the Tailwind web extension. It couldn’t be easier.

Screenshot of time-interval scheduling in Tailwind

3. Smart Loop

Tailwind’s smart loop not only saves you tonnes of time, but it also re-publishes your old content to keep the traffic flowing. 

Like with the interval scheduling tool, you can set as much or as little time in between posting your own content. 

You can also choose how often you want your content to be published. Either post your articles at regular intervals throughout the year, or if they are seasonal, keep it to a certain time within the year instead. 

For a step-by-step guide to scheduling pins using the smart loop, check out our how-to guide for the Tailwind Pinterest scheduler.

4. Tailwind Tribes

This is our all-time favourite place to find fresh content for our Pinterest account. 

The beauty of tribes is that you can join tribes that are related to your own website. Therefore, you have thousands of different pins all perfect for posting on your account. 

Screenshot of Tailwind tribes search result
Tailwind Tribes

Tribes normally have a 2 for 1 ratio, meaning for every pin you upload to the tribe, you must re-pin 2 more from someone else.

So, not only do you have an unlimited supply of content to schedule, but you’re also likely to have your content shared by tribe mates too. It’s a win-win situation.

To improve the chances of your pins being re-shared, make sure your pins are eye-catching, bright and colourful, the right size (735 x 1102px) and have search engine optimised text overlays. 

You can sign up for a free Canva account to create pin images.

5. Pin Inspector 

The pin inspector will save you time scheduling pins by showing you your best performing content. 

Simply select the ‘Insights’ tab in the sidebar and click ‘Pin Inspector’.

Straight away you’ll see a table displaying your top performing pins. The higher they are in the table the more popular they are. It’ll save you loads of time trying to look for fresh content as you can use this as a guide.

This is a great feature to help you with A/B testing too. If your older pins aren’t performing as well as you would like, use the top performing pins for inspiration. Or ‘Pinspiration’!

Look at the types of pin covers that are performing well. The types of colours, the images, the fonts etc. But more importantly, the content!

6. Tailwind Browser Extension

I find this feature particularly handy when I’m simply scrolling through Pinterest to pass time. 

I use it the most when looking at the top performing pins in the home feed.

Just click the Tailwind browser extension icon next to your search bar, then click on any of the pins in the feed that you wish to schedule.

screenshot of Tailwind safari extension
Tailwind extension icon highlighted

Click the ‘schedule’ button in the bottom right of your browser, then you will be directed to the schedule page. Here you can select which boards or board lists to post to, change the pin descriptions, check the URL’s work, and even customise the time intervals in between each scheduled pin if necessary.

This is a fantastic tool and it saves me loads of time on a weekly basis.

Some final tips 

So, there you have it! 6 features of the Tailwind Pinterest scheduler that will save you tonnes of time throughout the week.

The only other thing I would say is that bulk scheduling will save you lots of time every single week.

The best thing you can do is dedicate an hour or so one day a week to scheduling all of your pins at once. This will completely automate the pinning process and save you having to check back every day. 

One of the founders of People of the Planet. Psychology graduate, digital marketer, and lover of travel and exploring new places!

Author Samantha Walker

One of the founders of People of the Planet. Psychology graduate, digital marketer, and lover of travel and exploring new places!

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