When it comes to travelling, you don’t have to jump on a plane and spend fortunes exploring new countries. You can get just as much enjoyment out of exploring your own country. So, consider these 5 UK staycations for your holidays this year.

UK Staycations vs. Going Abroad

I think that when you’re so used to overseas travel you often take your own country for granted. Why not get out there, book a train ticket and explore?!

Here’s 8 travel smart tips to make your trip less stressful!

I love a UK staycation as there’s just so much on offer, and here’s a few of my favourite destinations.

1. Bath

The traditional curved houses photographed in Bath, one of the 5 UK staycation destinations.

Bath is dripping with history and that’s why I love visiting there so much.

Aside from the beautiful Roman Baths, there’s more things to do than you can possibly squeeze into a weekend here! This is why Bath is perfect for a UK staycation.

If you’re looking for incredible food, long walks and some of the best shopping I’ve seen outside of London, then Bath is the place for you.

Just don’t forget to try the famous Sally Lunn Bath Bun whilst you’re there.

2. Shropshire

Traditional old town with victorian and stone buildings taken in Shropshire, one of the UK staycations.

I know that Shropshire covers quite a large area, but I’ve not yet been to a part I’ve not liked!

Where you should go depends on what you’re into:

  • Big into food? Head to Ludlow.
  • Do you want long walks in the Shropshire hills? Make Bishops Castle your base.
  • Want to browse some independent shops? Shrewsbury could be more up your street.
  • If you want one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten then you need to stop by Hereford.

There’s just so much to see and do in the Shropshire area.

3. York

Stain glass window photographed in York Cathedral, one of the UK staycations.

Another place we love to visit due to the sheer amount of history there! York is a fantastic choice for a UK staycation. If you get yourself a York Pass, there’s so many amazing attractions you can visit. In a weekend we managed to cram in:

  • A trip to York Minster.
  • A tour and drink at York Brewery.
  • A whistle stop tour on the City Sight Seeing Bus.
  • A climb to the top of Clifford’s Tower.
  • Having our minds blown at the Jorvik Centre.
  • A wander around Barley Hall.
  • We made and tasted chocolate at the York Chocolate Story.
  • Visited the York Castle Museum (where we learned a LOT).
  • A final stop to the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall.

There is plenty more we want to do there so a return visit is a must for us!

4. Brighton

Old burnt down pier photographed in the sea in Brighton, one of the UK staycations.

I don’t think I’ve met a person that hasn’t enjoyed a UK staycation in the wonderfully quirky Brighton.

The Laines are a haven for vintage jewels, retro clothing and independent shops offering such a wide variety of clothes and foods.

Nights out in Brighton are far from dull as there is a club or bar for every single taste. During the summer the beach is a great place for getting fish and chips followed by ice cream.

5. Winchester

Old cathedral photographed in UK staycation, Winchester.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Winchester over the past year, and the more time I spend there the more I fall in love with it.

Winchester is home to one of the most incredible cathedrals in the world, so doing a guided tour should be your first port of call when you visit.

There’s so many fantastic places to eat in Winchester, but I’d recommend breakfast at Josie’s, lunch at Piecarumba, dinner at Rick Stein’s, and ending your day with cocktails at Incognito.

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More UK Staycations…

There’s so many other great places, including Whitstable, Margate and Leeds that I love too!

Where’s your favourite staycation stop?

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Haydy Squibb

Haydy documents her travels through her blog Squibb Vicious. She features articles from various destinations around the world, with a particular focus on London and UK food and travel experiences.

Author Haydy Squibb

Haydy documents her travels through her blog Squibb Vicious. She features articles from various destinations around the world, with a particular focus on London and UK food and travel experiences.

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